MCNJ Results 2013

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Motorsport Club of North Jersey
and the Northern New Jersey Region of the SCCA

23rd Annual Teddy Bear Rallye
A Charity Rallye Supporting the Marine Corps'
Toys for Tots

Sunday, December 8th

More about Toys for Tots

Thanks to everyone who made our 23 annual "Toys for Tots Rallye" a success. Almost 100 toys, mostly stuffed animals including 2 dragons were dropped off at an official Toys for Tots Dropoff at Wireless Zone (Verizon Store) Gillette, NJ on Monday morning, December 9.

Expert Class
  Car # Driver Navigator Total Points
1st Place Trophy 17 Joan Fitzhugh
Morristown, NJ
Gil Fitzhugh
Morristown, NJ
2nd Place Trophy 1 Pat Sjogren
Glen Gardner
Eric Sjogren
Glen Gardner
3rd Place - Best Husband & Wife Team Trophy 20 Michael Brooks
Brooklyn, NY
Pepi Brooks
Brooklyn, NY

Intermediate Class
1st Place Trophy 10 Bart Carlevaro
Montvale, NJ
Linda Louie
Montvale, NJ
2nd Place Trophy 16 Eccelenzio Maher
Riverdale, NJ
Matthew Maher
Butler, NJ
3rd Place - Best RVSCC Team - Trophy 4 Fred Cochran
Bridgewater, NJ
Bob Shore
Metuchen, NJ
4th Place 13 Enid Smith-Helck Chris Helck 483.4
5th Place 8 Mike Pender Judy Pender 564.6
6th Place 2 Elias Rontogiannis Chris Pongrac 593.2
7th Place 18 Ihor Kinal Oksana Kinal 832.4

Novice Class
1st Place Trophy 23 Sima Sciopu
North Caldwell, NJ
Ellonora Anastasia Sciopu
North Caldwell, NJ
2nd Place Trophy 11 Dany Lourenco
Union, NJ
David Cerqueira
Union, NJ
3rd Pace 12 Kate Osana Ronny Mann 385.8
4th Place 15 Harry Kapros Elena Nefedora 553.6
5th Place 7 Steve Heller Tim O'Brien 572.8
6th Place 6 Rich Santora Michael Verrault 603.2
7th Place 14 Diane Limey Liz Gears 641.9
8th Place - Best Porsche - Trophy 19 Lori Yeske
Frenchtown, NJ
Donald Yeske
Frenchtown, NJ
9th Place - Best Family & Best Saturn - Trophy 21 Helen Raulerson
Livingston, NJ
Susan Larney
Livingston, NJ
10th Place 22 Jean Jarzabek Pearl Ng 1190.9
11th Place - Best Subaru - Trophy 5 Robin Schulman
Franklin, NJ
Stuart Schulman
Franklin, NJ
12th Place - Best First Time Team - Trophy 3 Jeremy Eisen
Towaco, NJ
Robert Pellegrino
Staten Island, NY
13th Place - Dead Last But Finished - Trophy 9 Thomas Blackmore
Manahawkin, NJSusan
Susan Blackmore
Manahawkin, NJ

Rallye Retrospective
Since most people who are reading this actually went on the Rallye and have the sheet showing the traps and mileages, I thought we'd use this space to point out some common Rallye traps and how to guard against them.

  1. Bring a bright color hi-lighter pen on Rallyes along with your pencils, pens and clipboards.
  2. When you get your Rallye instructions read through it and hi-light the following:
    bulletAll uses of the words "onto" or "PU" and make sure you are familiar with the definitions and explanations in the General Instructions GI's
    bulletCheck for numerical order. Since instructions must be followed in ascending numerical order, hi-light any inconsistencies.
    bulletIf pictures are used in the Rallye make sure you notice the background, not just the main subject. e.g. a "STOP" sign but the background might show a railing or a utlity pole or a picture of a street sign where the
  3. Remember, if you are not ONTO or FWLing, you should go straight as possible regardless of the yellow lines or main road.
  4. If you are put on a road by name or number make sure you follow that specific road. e.g. North Main Street is not the same a Main St. and Warren County 519 is not the same as Sussex County 519. however County Route 519 would apply to both Counties
  5. Take a look at the Rallye tips.

Thank you all for your support and we'll try to keep bringing you the
best in non-TSD Rallyes.

Graveyard Gallivant 2013 - 10/26/13
Rallyemasters Lynn & Brian Beckmann
Expert Class       Points Place

Dan & Diane Pseja  

      331 1st Place
Joan & Gil Fitzhugh         639   2nd Place
Intermediate Class          

Pat & Natalie Voskinarian 

      549 1st Place
Matthew & Joanne Maher       702 2nd Place
Enid Smith-Helck & Chris Helck       1406 Best Family
Jesse Roe & Patrick Burns       1656  
William & Irene Gardner       DNF  
Novice Class          
Michael & Reed Perrino         865   1st Place
John & MaryPat Gausz       1225 2nd Place
Avyril Brady & Marg Anderson       1282 3rd Place
Cheri D’Zio & Carol Ann Garney 1299 Best First Timers
Alison & Rachel Dietz           1414  
Brendan Swords & Michael Verrault       1471  
Adam Friedman & Renny Mann       1500  
Tom Hendrickson & Susan Frederick              1542  
Jane & John Lichtig        1548  
Keith Mann & Samantha Dietz       1573  
Connie Fadden & Mary Rapuano       1590 

Best AAUW Team

Susan & Donald DeCesare        2090  
Dave Carney & Lori Labato        2331  
Marty & Rosemary Skeele        2650  
Robin & Stuart Schulman        2856  Dead Last but Finished
Dan & Mary Fischer       DNF  

"No Thru Traffic" Rallye - May 5, 2013
Michael & Pepi Brooks - Rallyemasters
Peter Schneider - Advisor
Tricks and Traps
Leg Scores: Mileage Question Total
Car #: Driver/Navigator Leg #1 Leg #2 Leg #3 Leg #4 Leg #5 Leg #6 Leg #7 Penalty Penalty Score Car #: Class
2 Ron Marina/Margaret Langsett 0 84 500 70 344 372 221 1592 400 1992 2 Novice
3 Scott & Debra Ream                   DNF 3 Novice
4 Kurt & Deborah Engelmann 0 98 -342 500 184 362 209 1695 300 1995 4 Intermediate
5 Michael Verrault/Richard Santora 0 110 97 29 14 93 109 452 400 852 5 Novice
6 Daniel Mikola/Matthew Maher 0 84 103 1 16 73 12 288 300 588 6 Novice
7 Enid Smith-Helck/Christopher Helck 0 146 -3 -1 155 354 98 757 450 1207 7 Intermediate
8 Pat & Eric Sjogren 0 146 93 8 500 279 26 1052 150 1202 8 Expert
9 Joe & Rickey Miller 0 24 3 1 -4 33 2 67 100 167 9 Expert
10 Rosemarie & Michael Weinstein 0 94 103 1 105 342 121 766 500 1266 10 Intermediate
11 Toby & Steve Arguello 0 10 5 16 123 278 72 504 400 904 11 Novice
12 Kate Diana/Renny Mann 0 333 3 11 105 372 131 955 450 1405 12 Novice
Leg Descriptions: Odometer Leg So long, it's been good to know you By the book If you come to a fork in the road Altered State Stay on track Welcome back
Note: Positive leg scores means participants travelled too many miles, while negative leg scores means too few
Note: Mileage points calculated as 100 points per mile
Questions: Questions Wrong
Car #: Team #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 Wrong Penalty
2 Ron Marina/Margaret Langsett Wrong Wrong Wrong Right Right Right Right Wrong Wrong Wrong 6 400
3 Scott & Debra Ream                     0 0
4 Kurt & Deborah Engelmann Wrong Right Right Right Right Wrong Right Wrong Wrong Wrong 5 300
5 Michael Verrault/Richard Santora Wrong Wrong Right Right Right Right Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong 6 400
6 Daniel Mikola/Matthew Maher Wrong Right Wrong Right Wrong Right Right Wrong Right Right 4 300
7 Enid Smith-Helck/Christopher Helck Wrong Wrong Right Right Right Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong 7 450
8 Pat & Eric Sjogren Right Right Right Right Right Wrong Wrong Right Right Wrong 3 150
9 Joe & Rickey Miller Wrong Right Right Right Right Right Wrong Right Right Right 2 100
10 Rosemarie & Michael Weinstein Wrong Wrong Right Wrong Right Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong 8 500
11 Toby & Steve Arguello Wrong Wrong Wrong Right Right Wrong Wrong Right Wrong Wrong 7 400
12 Kate Diana/Renny Mann Wrong Wrong Right Right Right Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong 7 450
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
Question Descriptions: ONE WAY HEWITT ROAD Hewitt Road Photo on Page 1 Paved or Unpaved Fawn La Hidden Valley Dr Choice 1 or Choice 2 Long Lane Farm Copeland
Question Wrong Penalty: 50 100 50 50 100 50 50 100 50 50
Correct Answer: Yes Yes No Yes Unpaved No Yes Choice 2 Yes No

Epilog: Traps and Tricks

Leg #2

     The answer to the first question, “Did you pass “ONE WAY”? was “YES”. This sign was not associated with a street and therefore was in an unexpected spot and was hard to see. It was a standard One Way sign, but was mounted at the exit of an industrial plant. 

     Perhaps the hardest trap on the rallye was the first. Teams were asked to simultaneously look for the One Way sign, the SOL Stockton Presbyterian Church, a left at the second opportunity and Seabrook Rd, all at the same time. While this was going on, teams came across a sharp curve to the right that led them to Brookville Hollow Rd which was straighter than a sharp turn to the left that would have kept them on Route 29. The correct route was to go straight on Brookville Hollow Rd, but that meant the first opportunity to turn left was the left to remain on Route 29. The second and correct opportunity to turn left was on Grafton Rd.  If teams forgot to count that first opportunity to turn left, they would have counted Grafton Rd as the first left and would have incorrectly turned left at Sandy Ridge-Mount Airy Rd (Route 605). That incorrect turn would have cost teams 146 points.  If teams completely missed the straight ahead on Brookville Hollow Rd and therefore remained on Route 29, they would have come to the SOL Stockton Presbyterian Church before they found a second opportunity to turn left and should then have followed the alternate instructions contained in the “IMPORTANT” note; this mistake cost 83 points. Eventually all teams ended up on course on Route 523 North looking for Covered Bridge Rd.

Leg #3

     Instruction #11 was to make a right at the first opportunity. What appeared to be the first right was on Pavlica Rd, but that turn was actually a forced right because the only other choice was an unpaved road that went straight. Remember unpaved roads do not exist unless the route instructions tell you they exist. If a team incorrectly counted the Pavlica as the correct right turn they were off-course. The correct right turn was at Locktown-Sergeantsville Rd. This trap cost teams 0.91 points.  

Leg #4

     The route took teams on Route 519 and to a straight ahead that took teams off the road for only about 100 feet and then immediately put them back on Route 519. Teams that did this correctly would have seen the SOL “HEWITT ROAD” sign on the left. Teams that did this incorrectly by missing the straight ahead would see the SOL “HEWITT ROAD” sign on the right and would have incorrectly answered “No” to question #2. Question #3 asked if teams passed Hewitt Road, however Hewitt Rd was marked as a dead end and since dead end roads do not exist, teams should have answered question 3 with a “NO”.  While the road didn’t exist for purposes of the rallye, the sign “HEWITT ROAD” did exist, so the correct answer to question 2 was “YES”.  

Instruction #19 called for a L FOPP, then R at second OPP which may or may not be unpaved. Teams who treated the R at second OPP as a continuation of the L at FOPP turned on the wrong road and were short by about a mile. Teams that did this correctly should have answered question 5 as “Unpaved”.  

Leg #5

Instruction #30 told teams to turn R onto FOPP after SOL “DEER RUN”. Since the general instructions require onto instructions to be identified by name or number, this instruction should have been treated as an “on” instruction and not an “onto” instruction.  A note attached to this instruction pointed out that Sugan Rd turned right shortly after a bridge, thereby luring teams that incorrectly thought they were following an onto instruction to make this incorrect turn. Checkpoint #5 at “STOP” was at different locations depending on whether you were on-course or off-course, but both on-course and off-course teams made the L onto Aquetong Rd. Off-course teams were 0.91 miles long plus they missed one 50 point question. Furthermore they were 0.78 miles long on the following leg, making this trap worth 219 points. 
     Instruction #31 was CHECKPOINT #5 at “STOP” at Aquetong Rd. It then instructed teams to turn L onto Aquetong Rd, then R on Route 263 South. Since onto instructions remain in effect until the next numbered instruction, teams should have made the R on Route 263 South and continued to look for opportunities to remain onto Aquetong Rd until instruction #32. Teams that did this correctly made an immediate left on Aquetong Rd after the R on Route 263 South in order to remain onto Aquetong Rd. Teams that missed this turn ended up in Peddlers Village with an extra 1.85 miles.

 Question #7 (Did you pass “HIDDEN VALLEY DR”?) was also a trap. All teams passed this sign, but some teams would have incorrectly answered “no” to this question. The reason can be found in the general instructions which tell you to begin looking for answers after you complete all the actions of the numbered instruction preceding it and continue looking until the first action of the next numbered instruction.  However, the general instructions also tell you that questions are answerable while following a road by name or number. Since teams saw this sign while following a road by name or number (i.e., they were onto Aquetong Rd) the correct answer was “yes”. (50 points)

Leg #6

     Instruction #38 was R FOPP after Signal. The general instructions define a SIG as an intersection controlled by means of a tri-colored light(s). However the instruction used the word “Signal” instead of the glossary term SIG and there was a picture of a signal on a sign as you approached the SIG intersection. Therefore teams should have turned at the FOPP after passing the picture of the signal which was the SIG intersection. Off-course teams passed by the SIG intersection and turned on the next opportunity to turn right. Since the mileage was almost identical for both the on-course and off-course loops, teams were asked how they executed the next either/or instruction. Teams which answered Choice #1 got it right. Teams which answered Choice #2 got penalized 100 points.

Leg #7

     The trap on this leg combined a hard-to-see sign, an onto instruction and a straight ahead road.  Instruction #49 had teams PU Route 604 (remember PU put you onto a road) but the instruction read “If you pass SOL RIP HTS “THE BLACKSMITH SHOP” you are no longer onto Route 604. The large blacksmith shop sign was mounted on a stone building, but was painted on a dark brown wooden background with black paint and was therefore hard to see. Teams that saw the sign were no longer onto Route 604 and therefore should have gone straight ahead on another road that was clearly straighter than remaining on Route 604. Teams that did not see the sign were still onto Route 604 and should not have taken the straighter road. The incorrect route was about a mile longer than the official route plus teams that did this incorrectly missed questions 9 and 10 for another 100 points.